The Following Rebates are available:

Water Heaters – Rebates and Sales

  1. A. First time Installation or a conversion from gas or propane to electric
  2. A water heater with an energy factor of .93 or greater shall receive a $120 rebate.
  3. A water heater with an energy factor below .93 shall receive a $90 rebate
  4. $50.00 rebate on a 40 gallon or larger with an energy factor greater than 0.9

Heat Pump Rebates

  1. Air Source Heat Pumps (home or business)
    1. Electric air source heat pump units having a 16 or greater SEER rating will receive $175.00 per ton for new units or gas conversions or a rebate of $75.00 per ton is given for any electric replacement units with a 16 or greater SEER rating.
  2. Geothermal/Ground Source Heat Pumps (home or business)
    1. All electric geothermal (also known as ground source) heat pump units with a minimum 18.5 EER and 3.6 COP will receive a $1,000.00 per ton rebate. The geothermal rebate is available for new construction, conversion from gas furnace, or an air-source upgrade. It is not available for replacing existing geothermal systems.
    2. Maximum rebate for any heat pump system rebate is $5,000.00 per home or business. All rebates are payable to the home or business owner based on Kiwash inspection and/or propersupplier installation.
    3. Any unit using a gas back-up system only qualifies at the air source unit rebate rate.
    4. There is a maximum of one heating/cooling rebate per member every five years. Consumers must provide proof of purchase, installation, and energy efficiency rating information. The Cooperative reserves the right to inspect the installation before the rebate is issued.

Security Light Rebate

  1. HPS light rebate is $25 on first time installation
  2. The customer buys the HPS light from KEC and the rebate is applied to the purchased price.
  3. The customer owns the light and is responsible for replacement parts.


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