If you own a whole home generator or are considering buying one, your electric co-op has a deal for you. Enroll in Kiwash Electric’s Peak Buster program and Kiwash Electric will pay you from $32.50 to $60 per month for your participation. You’ll lower your monthly electric bill, and you’ll help your co-op curb its system-wide energy use.

Peak Buster works to reduce this demand by signaling a member’s home generator to switch on during periods of high system usage. The program requires the entire load to disconnect from the co-op grid for up to four and half hours per day within the designated time frames. Kiwash will try to hold the time frame to 20 days between June 9 and September 15; however, extreme circumstances could require more.

Peak Buster residential rebates are based on Kiwash Electric’s system-wide average kilowatt usage. Residential accounts with a 15kVa transformer or less receive $32.50 per month; accounts with a 25 kVa transformer qualify for $50 per month, and accounts with a 37.5 kVa transformer or larger qualify for $60 per month.

Commercial accounts that have been on Kiwash lines for at least a year are also encouraged to participate, however, rebate incentives will vary based on the account’s peak kwh usage and other factors.

Kiwash Electric won’t re-energize a meter during a cycling period. If co-op personnel are called out to restore service to a Peak Buster account with a faulty, non-operating generator in place, normal service charges will be assessed.

Because the generator must control the entire metered load to be eligible for the program, all participating generators will require an automatic transfer switch. “The transfer switch allows a home or business to disconnect entirely from the distribution grid and be powered by the generator.

Kiwash Electric employees will perform field inspections of generators enrolled in the program by July 1 of each year. Members interested in participating in the program should contact Kiwash Electric. Inspections will begin in late December or early January of each year.

Members who appreciate receiving their monthly rebate as soon as possible should plan on installing their generator from December 1 through July 1. Members who install a generator after July 1will not receive their monthly incentives until January 1 of the following year because the summer peak season is already well underway.

Kiwash Electric’s Peak Buster program mirrors similar programs taking place across the U.S. All strive for the same long-term goal—to curb the growing electricity demand, delay the need to build expensive new power plants, and keep prices affordable.