Bylaws of Kiwash Electric Cooperative, Inc. require persons requesting electric service to be members of the Cooperative. The applicant will be required to pay a $5.00 membership fee and complete a membership application and contract for electric service form prior to receiving service.


A new member may be required to place a deposit, depending on the type of service requested. All new services are subject to a credit check. The business credit service will create a credit scoring system on the credit worthiness of each applicant. The deposit amount will then be determined based on the credit scoring system. Interest will be paid on all deposits at a rate established by Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Deposits will be reviewed in June of each year, after a consumer has established an acceptable payment record for twelve consecutive months, or upon termination of electric service.


Kiwash Electric Cooperative recommends a disconnect switch at most meter installtions. This switch allows connections to be made to the meter without de-energizing the service. The switch is not intended to be used as the service disconnect for the premises. Normal disconnect switches are placed in a breaker box located at the meter. Future maintenance or replacement of the breakers will be the responsibility of the member.


Kiwash Electric Cooperative, Inc. will build 300 feet of power line from an existing line pole to serve new residential consumers at no charge to the member, other than the breaker fee, deposit and membership. The 300 feet allowance is only with the assurance that a permanent residence will be established. The consumer may be responsible for additional construction cost if it is necessary to go beyond the 300-foot allowance to install electric service to the location. This excess line cost will be calculated by KEC according to it terms and conditions of service, and must be paid prior to any construction by Kiwash Electric. If a request for disconnect occurs prior to the end of a service contract, then the member will be required to pay the monthly customer charge for the months remaining in said contract.


Kiwash Electric requires right-of-way easements for construction and for future maintenance of lines to provide the requested electric service. Power lines routing through forested areas require that trees be removed 15-25 feet on each side of the line. All right-of-way acquisition will be the responsibility of the member/applicant, including executed and notarized easements. Our Engineering personnel can assist in the preparation of these documents.


Underground service to a residence should not exceed 300 feet. The member/applicant is responsible for ditching, conduit and house riser for the underground service.

Since underground primary (high voltage) extensions are much more expensive to construct than overhead lines, the member/applicant will be required to pay the difference in cost between underground installation and comparable overhead installation.


The point of delivery of electric service shall be the point at which the lines of the Cooperative connect to the lines of the customer. This point will ordinarily be one of the following points.

The Cooperative will furnish the meter base. The customer will furnish the meter loop. The Cooperative will install the meter loop on the Pole. (No meter loops will be furnished to those customers who desire to have the meter installed on a house or other structure.)

The point of delivery shall be at the which the lines of the Cooperative connect to the lines of the customer. This will normally be at the weatherhead or masthead on the service entrance which contains the meter base at the building or other structure when overhead construction is used. When underground construction is used, it will be at the load side of the meter base. The Cooperative will furnish the meter base whether overhead or underground service is installed.


Security lights are normally installed on existing service poles, however, installation of additional poles, transformers, and wire solely for security lights are available, although there is an increased monthly charge for the extra facilities required.


Kiwash needs to know the location, adress and contact information on all household members that are being served by respirators, iron lungs, or other life support units.

These requests must be accompanied by an Oklahoma licensed physician's letter indicating the severity of a power loss to this patient and the unit.

Oxygen units or tanks, by prescription, should have a minimum two hour backup system for the safety of the patient


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