KEC offers multi-site commercial and industrial customers with a new Energy Information Management Service called Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Billing. This new service offers bill payment administration, energy cost tracking and energy information services via the Internet.

C&I Billing provides an aggregated billing solution for companies with multiple locations and a total outsourcing solution for utility payables. It helps accelerate invoice processing, assuring prompt vendor payments. Other features and benefits of C&I include:

Energy Information Management Services Reduce Costs. With C&I Billing, you can reduce your company's administrative costs, save time, and provide powerful management decision support. Now you can outsource the costly and time-consuming task of tracking, evaluating and managing utility costs across multiple sites.

Complete Bill Payment Administration. Payment administration of all your company's utility bills will eliminate billing errors and late payment fees, while enabling you to resolve utility billing issues.

In addition, transaction costs are reduced because utility bills for all your business locations - often numbering in the hundreds or even thousands - can now be consolidated easily into an Internet-accessible, easy-to-read and understandable format. Bills can be paid electronically with guarantees of no late fees. Staff accounting time required to review and reconcile utility payments is virtually eliminated, resulting in even greater administrative cost savings. You can enjoy the economy and convenience of outsourcing your utility bill payment process to a leading industry expert.

Designed to complement and enhance cost reduction programs, KEC's C&I Solution provides a superior level of information and analysis. All your utility billing and cost data are accessible through a password-protected Internet site. The C&I software is a user-friendly analytical tool to help you better understand, manage and control your utility costs. Analyzing Energy Information

Energy Efficiency Benchmarking. KEC can assist you in managing the complex task of analyzing the energy efficiency performance of all of your facilities. This service helps you make informed and intelligent energy usage decisions and gives you the answers to these questions:

We can help you answer these questions by offering customized reporting of normalized energy consumption data such as kilowatt usage per square foot of production basis. You may then compare individual facility performance against industry leaders, identify abnormally high energy costs, chart usage trends, and develop cost-reduction strategies.

Energy Profile Development. KEC has the capability and expertise to help your company develop a corporate-wide energy profile today. Now you can have the advantage of a thorough understanding of your own company's energy consumption patterns.

Energy Saving Tracking. Traditionally, the process of measuring and monitoring energy savings has been difficult and evasive. Our breakthrough utility cost-management tool meets this complex challenge by tracking savings after installation of energy efficiency equipment.

You can now measure and monitor monthly, quarterly and annual differences in energy consumption at your facilities. This unique ability to track energy savings provides your company with a powerful tool to justify energy retrofit investments.

For additional information on KEC's Commercial & Industrial Billing software can work for your organization, contact Lisa Willard at (580) 832-3361 and request a Username and Password to try out our Online Demo.