Take control of your electric bill! KEC offers a wide variety of information and account options to help you better manage your account and budget..


Your Account Number is located in the left hand corner of the bill detail. This unique number identifies the specific account set up under your membership for the meter being tracked by this bill. Many of our members have more than one meter (house, barn, oil well, water well, etc.) and therefore have more than one account number. It is important that you provide the account number in question any time you need information on your account or report a concern, allowing us to more accurately address the specific meter.


Listed below are definitions to terms frequently used on billing statements. There are different charges that make up your total bill and not all may apply to your situation. Click on the link below to view our detailed interactive bill.

View Interactive Bill Detail

Please send in the tear-off portion with your payment or drop it off in our office prior to the 10th of the month.