Generator Safety

Standby Generators:
Make Sure Yours has a transfer switch

If you rely on a standby generator to energize your home during a power outage, please make sure it has a transfer switch installed prior to operation. Without this important safety enhancement, you are violating the National Electrical Safety Code, and risking the lives of others.

“Removing a meter and plugging a generator into a meter socket is no longer acceptable," explains Dennis Krueger,Kiwash Electric Cooperative general manager. "It is an electric code violation.”

Generators that aren't properly wired into the home can back feed electricity on Kiwash Electric lines and electrocute co-op crew members— or anyone coming into contact with electric lines.

A transfer switch prevents this from happening by isolating the new, temporary power source from the main power lines feeding your home.

Make sure your standby generator is properly installed and in compliance with the national electrical code by hiring a qualified, licensed electrician to install it.

For questions about your generator, or other electrical safety tips, please visit the Kiwash Electric website at, or call us at 888-832-3362.

Generator Safety Tips: