Revolving Loan Fund

Ten reasons to allow Kiwash Electric Cooperative to assist you in expanding your business or industry to Western Oklahoma!

  1. Free customized training for your future employees through the Oklahoma Career-Tech System.
  2. Quality Jobs Act enables the employer to receive a 10-year cash-back incentive, up to 5% of new payroll for new jobs.
  3. Great Transportation system begins with Interstate 40, easy access to I-35 & I-44 plus four lane state highways and the third longest runway in North America.
  4. Low crime rate.
  5. Low cost of energy.
  6. Close proximity to markets. Western Oklahoma has easy access to Dallas, Ft. Worth, Kansas City, St. Louis, Denver, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Little Rock, and Albuquerque.
  7. Lower cost of living including land, housing, and construction.
  8. Tax exemptions, credits, and incentives are available.
  9. Enterprise zones with incentives.
  10. Financial packaging is our specialty.


Kiwash Electric Cooperative, Inc. has established a revolving loan fund. In 1995 and again in 1997, the Board of Directors filed for and received two federal grants to fund a revolving loan fund.

Kiwash’s first loan was to the town of Burns Flat for the new swimming pool. Our second loan was to the Thomas Economic Development Trust to fund a portion of the J&C Aviation Enterprise project and W&W Manufacturing.

The reason for this perpetual revolving loan fund is rural job creation . As these original loans are paid back, then we are able to lend these funds to other businesses and industries.

We hereby notify businesses and/or industries that we are taking applications for the remaining funds available. Kiwash Revolving Loan Fund Program normally lends to job creation projects. Preference is giving to first mortgage positions for commercial, industrial or retail businesses. Normal loan amount ranges between $2,500 and $30,000.

Kiwash will lend to existing businesses that are expanding or start-up companies. These companies may be within our six county service territory, but not necessarily on Kiwash Electric lines. Interest will vary between 4 to 7 percent and loan length will be three to ten years. Funds cannot be used to refinance existing debt or it cannot be used to finance any debt incurred prior to approval of a completed application. Another key factor is the amount of jobs created with this funding. Owner’s equity is required in each project and three-year financial statements are a must.

To apply, Kiwash requires a completed business plan or business proposal. The Western Technology Center, Southwestern, and Kiwash have typical business plan formats to follow. Please contact either Lisa or Dennis for further details at (580) 832-3361 or e-mail us at